Print fail detector

Just found the zyyx+ printer and the one thing that caught my attention was the print fail sensor. It appears to be a mechanical switch of sorts mounted to the head just above the nozzle by a mm or 2.

Has anyone tried to do this with repetier? Seems like we should be able to use M226 to read when that pin goes high. Or use the jam detection which is usually used for out of filament sensors to trigger as well for this switch.

Any thoughts?


  • Nice idea. M226 will not work unless some plugin in host/server watches results and you need many queries. Jam pin would work but trigger on first activation. In video you see it triggers several times before it pauses the print. I guess to mainly fix many false positives. I also think it doe snot need to be called that frequent. so maybe 10-100 times per second. If wrong add e.g. 100, if not subtract 1. If you get above 2000 trigger pause. Something like that. But would also depend on size of print. In this example it triggers often. On a big print with small edge it only triggers at a small place so reducing would have mor etime and maybe never trigger that way. So finding right balance here is also a critical part.
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