Distortion correction to fix ROD LENGHT and PRINTER RADIUS


I recently bought a DIY Kit He3D K200 printer and after struggling through the worst-ensamble-videos-ever I manage to have everything up and running. Yesterday i finally could download the latest fimware, set it up, and compile it in my Printer.

with this new firmware I am able to use the G33 command to correct my Z height in all the printer bed, but that bring us to my question:

Will this correct the effects of not having the ROD_LENGTH and DELTA_RADIUS correctly set up?.´

Please note that im specifacally talking about the EFFECTS, not the actual values set on those variables.

I've been having this issue from the beginning, I cant calibrate them correctly. The obvius effect is that the print head slowly approach to the bed when the X/Y values are bigger (or separates from it if I change the values).

Since the G33 command will "read" this deviation, it could just correct the Z height while the bed approach to its borders.



  • Yes, it will correct z bumps, but also note that this normally vanishes after a mm, also this can be set of course. Also on deltas you can not measure all area and some points get extraposlated and beyond the measured grid it stays the last value.

    You can help yourself here by changing the grid corrections manually at extrapolated coordinates or if needed use a grid you can not measure and set all points manually so complete area is coverd with corrections.
  • Great, thanks!, how can i manually set the coordinates for the Z probe correction?
  • If you send
    G33 L0

    you get a list of commands to set that state back. Copy the commands and adjust the one you want to modify - only Z must be changed. It always writes Z to closest point.
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