gCode before homing

I'm using 1.0 dev and noticed commits recently allowing us to use a probe as a zmin.  This is great!  However, I have a BLTouch and need to drop the probe before homing.  Is there a "run gcode before homing" like there is "before autolevel"?

After homing, there would be gcode to pull the probe up


  • There sure is.
    Under Features/Z probing in cofig tool
  • Thank you but that's the one I mentioned in my post. I'm looking for gcode to run before homing. Not just before or after a probe routine.
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    Thats the one i have set, and my BLtouch works fine with G28 Z homing.I dont think there is any place else to raise/lower probe.

    Just a thought, have you also enabled Z endstop in mechanics section
  • Yes I have. I have homing going towards my Max z stop at the moment. So I need to flip that and give g28 z a try. If I run g28 now the probe does nothing and goes to the max. Can you share your config.h file?
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    Ok, atm i also use XY preheat Z.
    When i click on home or do G28, printer raise Z then homes X and Y as normal then moves nozle to 100,100
    then moves probe to 100,100, homes Z, moves nozle to 100,100, then move nozle to X0, Y0, Z0.

    here is my config.h

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    This isn't working for me, it does nothing.   it's set to XY preheat Z, etc... Z probe enabled etc....  Probe works and all with the usual commands but regardless the settings, on homing it never raises Z, never triggers probe start, it just starts going down like usual.

    Same settings and everything, and eeprom is reloaded from defaults and saved.  there must be some other settings but this is all so convoluted... do i need extruder is Z probe on for this to work?   do i need to use dev branch from github instead or dev from the download/configuration page?  
  • nevermind, re-did everything from scratch, seems good. 
  • @digibluh can you share your config.h? I need to change my config to use the z preheat and raise, XYZ for homing. So I'm curious what you guys have setup. Thx!!
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