Unable to find an entry point named 'glGenBuffers' in DLL 'opengl32.dll' & 6 command waiting

I've just purchased the CoLiDo Compact and I've been trying all day to get it set up and I'm running into a few problems.

So far I've only tried printing the test file that comes with the software. Firstly I had a problem with it not printing properly, where it would only print in one corner of the platform.  After doing some searching I believed I found the problem where the bed was not quite level, so I levelled the bed and replaced the platform.  I went to print the test file again to see if I had fixed the issue and went into another problem!!

I connect my printer and in the 'Manual Control' Section I get a message '6 Command Waiting' I thought it might be something do do with the computer of software talking to the printer? This slowly counts down to '1 Command Waiting' then flicks to 'Idle' for a second the back to '1 Command Waiting' Don't know what this means?

When the program first starts in the log section at the bottom of the screen I get the message 'No start signal detected - Force start' followed by 'Communication timeout - reset send buffer block'

I've also been getting the message 'Unable to find an entry point named 'glGenBuffers in DLL 'opengl32.dll' , I found a thread on here from a while ago suggesting to change the draw method to 'Array' which has stopped this message from popping up but not done anything else.

Can someone help?

I'm running windows 10 and Print-Rite CoLiDo Repetier-Host version 1.5.5

Thanks so much


  • Commands waiting message just says there are gcodes to be send to printer. especially on startup we send some messages and as long as it decreases it is all ok, No start detected is ok for boards not resetting the printer. Of you have a lcd you can see if it resets or not. Communication timeout is not so good if it happens repeatedly. That would mean communication is not working ok, e.g- wrong port or baud rate in printer settings. Glgenbuffers is part of your opengldriver and it seems your driver does not have it for some reason. Next release might fix this as we switch to a newer opentk version fixing some problems with newer drivers.
  • Thanks Repetier, I played around with the settings a bit more and it's now up and running.
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