Extuder and bed not heating up

For some reason my k200 delta printer's extruder is not heating up. neither is the print bed. Whenever i try to heat it up this is what happens.
11:31:58.883 : Other:: working marked defect
11:31:58.883 : heated bed: working
11:31:58.898 : Error:Printer set into dry run mode until restart!
11:31:58.898 : Other:: working marked defect
I dont know what to do and everything is plugged in correctly. also for some reason my stepper motor doesn't work.


  • Also before i did the calibration i was able to heat up the bed and the extruder. Don't know if that has something to do with it.
  • Oh and here is what happens when i try to heat the extruder
    12:01:34.514 : Error:One heater seems decoupled from thermistor - disabling all for safety!
    12:01:34.530 : Error:Temp. raised to slow. Rise = 0.00 after 13079 ms
    12:01:34.530 : Disabling all heaters due to detected sensor defect.
    12:01:34.530 : DebugLevel:14
    How do i fix this?

  • As the message says it tried to heat and after 13 seconds the temperaure did not change a bit. Heat only one component so you know which and then see if it heats at all or if temperaure reading is wrong, might be wrong thermistor pin or type, epscially with no change it might be a dummy.
  • Ok also for some reason i can't move the stepper motor at all. It keeps saying stepper motor turned off and i don't know why. everything is plugged in correctly and still it doesn't move. do i need to change something in eeprom get it to work?
  • The extruder motor will be turned off if the hotend is below about 170C, you can over ride his by sending M302 (enable cold extrusion).

  • oh ok thank you.
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