dev 1.0.0 version not working on felix printers 3.1 ? -> LCD display not working correctly

I have a felixprinters' felix printer 3.1 which has always been working perfectly fine with the 0.9* releases. I'm running 0.92.9 right now without any issues.

I just used my Configuration.h file and uploaded in the 1.0.0dev configuration tool. Downloaded the zip and most of the printer is working, except the LCD screen.
The LCD shows all kind of weird characters so something is now messed up with the LCD controller in 1.0.0dev version.

Anyone know how to fix this? I really want to start using the 1.0.0dev version because of auto bed leveling functions that seem to be working much better in version 1.0.0 compared to 0.92.

All seems to work except the lcd screen..



  • Just wanted to add:

    When I power on the printer, the first screen showing the printer name / version is working perfect. But as soon as that goes away and the main screen appears everything is strange.

  • What screen does it use? Graphic or 20x4 chars? How does strange look like. Do not have that printer for testing only the pro 1 and that works.
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