Steppers seem to be off by a factor of 10

So when we are trying to move over printer head of our delta, to 50 mm, the program thinks its traveled 500 mm. it seems like we are a factor of 10 off. does anybody know how to fix this?


  • Which program thinks 50 are 500? Does it write this to screen or is it just the move being longer. In latter case check eeprom steps per mm and adjust. Maybe also your microstepping is not set correctly so you have 1/2 instead of 1/16 microstepping.
  • Firmware 0.92.9 Host 1.6.2 Printer He3d K200 delta.
    When steps/mm are set to 80, which is what it is supposed to be, and making a move the effector on only moves < 1/10 the distance commanded. If I set steps/mm to 625 the move is closer to what it should be. That seems to indicate my micro steps are 125 instead of 16 like they should be.  I do not know if my drivers have a 1/125 setting. This is my first experience with 3d printers
  • You might have 1/128 microstepping then. These exist and you can change the microstepping with dip switches or jumpers on most boards. 640 steps per mm is very much for a delta. If you are using a due based board (not sure what it uses) it would be ok, but avr based boards are 10 times slower so you can not go very fast with that resolution and only chance to get faster is reducing microstepping. Read stepper driver manual which jumper pattern is required for this.
  • I am still struggling with the steps/mm with this machine. It is a He3d K200 delta. I am running 0.92.9 firmware and host version 2.0.1 on a Linux machine. I have been able to get decent prints but when doing many short moves I receive numerous BLK errors. I assume this is because the AtMega controller can not keep up with the needed calculations. The board is just one board with an AtMega 2560 controller. The stepper drivers plug into a header. They are marked A4988. From what I have read about that chip, it should only be able to do no more than 16 micro-steps, but mine seem to be doing 128.  I am attaching some pictures of my board and eeprom.

  • It is more the stepper frequency that is limited. (steps per mm * speed in mm/s). Until 10000 you have no problems, then it needs to compine 2 or 4 steps and after 40000 it east definitely so much cpu time that it can not keep up with other required calculations. SO what are your numbers here (speed and steps per mm).
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