G33 grid problem

I can't fin the solution here so need help

Z-PROBE X1 = -100
Y1 = -40
X2 = -100
Y2 = 75
X3 = 75
Y3 = 29

Bed heigth  X MIN -100
Y MIN -40
X MAX 29
Y MAX 75

bed leveling method  1 4x4 points

So far both G32 and Bed height leveling doing ok

When using G33 probe runs to a complete different location and runs of the bed.

X and Y extruder offset =0 because same position within 1 mm

When can I set the coordinates for de G33 command zo they correspond with the others?



  • G33 has its own set of coordinates which you defined at compile time. See second tab in Config tool.
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