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I am a new user on this forum and have just finished a custom build printer. I am now trying to configure the "configuration.h" file with the online tool and have been trying to understand what type of printer should I choose from the given list. The printer I have built has two y-axis working as gantry, x-axis and z-axis. 

The list has options 
  1. Cartesian
  2. Delta
  3. z axis + xy H-gantry/core xy (x_motor = x+y y_motor = x-y)
  4. z axis + xy H-gantry/core xy (x_motor = x+y y_motor = y-x)
  5. y axis + xz H-gantry (x_motor = x+z z_motor = x-z)
  6. y axis + xz H-gantry (x_motor = x+z z_motor = z-x)
These are giving me a bit of an headache.

Best regards
Teemu Mendolin


  • What does 2 y axis working as gantry mean if you also have a x axis? You can double x motor in motor settings be enabling the mirror checkbutton if. That is what you want.
  • Thank you for the answer.

    We are having an issue when using repetier firmware in our controller. Our concept has two different boards connected to eachother. One board has drivers and motors connected and uses a configuration software from that boards developer. Everything works fine with that one, motors move and "Enable" status stays on. However, when we are trying to connect a board (Azteeg x3 pro) to the board with motors and drivers installed "Enable" status wont stay on and drops immeadiatly when we are giving a motion command with Repetier host. We have repetier firmware installed on the Azteeg x3 pro and are not using any drivers on that board, instead we have wired "Enable", "DIR" and "STEP" signals straight from the pins where drivers should be installed. 

    The problem is that when we connect the Repetier host the external drivers on the other board get "ENABLE" signal and everything looks fine but when we give a motion command from the repetier host the "ENABLE" signal drops down. When we disconnect Repetier host and connect it again the "ENABLE" signal gets back up and again motion commands drop it immediatly. 

    So the question is what makes "ENABLE" signal to drop in Repetier firmware ? is there some sequence that polls for "DISABLE" or something else that could make this kind of behaviour ?

    Thank you in advance
    Teemu Mendolin
  • Sounds like you need to invert enable signal in firmware. By default it should be disabled not enabled. When a move starts it gets enabled but disabled in your case. So set it to inverted in config tool and it should match.
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