(autolevel fix)

I've seen these three commits but don't entirely understand their applicability. Since 1.0.0dev exceeds my printer's 128K range, I'm wondering if it would make sense for me to add the three commits at the link above to my 92-series firmware build that I can run. Thanks!


  • Only if it fixes exactly your problem. On the other side removing e.g. G3mmight be enough to get dev version below 128k.
  • Thanks. I just got 1.0.0dev running under 128K (with a couple of K to spare) by stripping out most of the SDCard.cpp routines (since I never print from sd). It looks like reducing the verbosity of many info strings could save another 2K or so if necessary later.
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    By inserting an #undef for SDSUPPORT for the Melzi (board 63) definition in 1.0.0dev pins.h, the sketch was brought down to 114544 bytes. Again, since I don't print from the sdcard, this is great for me on this 128K machine.
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