Stepper motors will not move no matter what

I'm extremely new to 3D printing but do have a working knowledge. I am running RAMPS 1.4 with Repetier firmware and absolutely nothing will make my stepper motors move. I bought a new controller and a new LCD (the RepRapDiscount Full Graphics Smart Controller) after my old controller broke (due to my accidentally switching the live and ground wires, which blew that controller) and was able to get the LCD configured and working with the Repetier firmware. My x-axis motor moved once (to the left) when I powered on the printer for the very first time with my old controller, and then never moved again. The firmware uploads to the board fine, and I've been trying to connect the four wires of the x-axis motor (I just chose one to focus on until I got it working) in different configurations to the board and have been using both the manual RepetierHost controls and the LCD controls and nothing will make this motor move. Its displayed position will change on the LCD and on my computer but the motor itself does nothing. It doesn't even get hot or make noise, though the motor itself does not seem to be damaged because when I connect an LED to its wires and manually turn the motor, the LED lights up (its an old test I found online). Could it be that theres something wrong with the way I configured my firmware? Are there any common settings that I might have missed when configuring the firmware that would make the motors not move?


  • Do you get any movement if you click the x axis home button in repetier ?
  • Nope nothing
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    Did you get new driver modules with the new board? You could have blown all of the old ones. Make sure they are oriented correctly and all jumpers are installed, I am assuming a RAMPS board. PS OK? The arduino will light the LCD through a USB connection. 
  • I'm having the same problems. Motors moved find when calibrating, then stepper got burnt. Replaced ramps steppers and arduino. Now motors will not move. the wires have power to the motors, heated bed and hot end are working.
  • When you do any move action the motor gets enabled and it should be hard tu turn it from holding torque. Does this happen?
    Any sound when moving like a high pitched beep - that would be loosing steps from too high stepper frequency.
    Also check steps per mm in eeprom and acceleration, print area.
  • In the manual control. When i try to move I get command waiting. Sometimes it gives min temp error on lcd display or in the program m999 temp reset. I even changed out the 3 arduino board and got the same error right away. 

    No motor action, i have considered the steps per mm increase but not sure about reprogramming in marlin.
  • When you get M999 reset all commands are ignored until the problem is fixed. SOunds like your temperature settings are not correct. Do you have thermistors connected to correct pins and good temperature readings?
  • thanks for the support. My arduino get hot very quickly upon plugging in the usb. Even the new arduino board, my voltage on the steppers reads out ok with the muiltimeter.  Do you think i need to adjust the program somewhere after the first steppers overheated. I changed the 4 stepper also. I've had this thing about a month and I'm trying not to give up on it.
  • You mean thermal protection of stepper drivers causes it to not move? Then you simple need to reduce voltage on the poti. Make sure you have cooling caps on chips and a fan is not wrong.
  • Why is the arduino getting hot ?
    Are you plugging in a extrernal power supply to the bullet connector  and the USB at the same time ?
  • no. it's getting hot just with usb
  • i get the voltage to .55 and at that setting it will not stay constant. it jumps to .8 to .55
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