I have Tronxy P802ma (with Z probe) Ramps 1.4 + arduino mega.

My melzi board was failing. So i replace it by ramps 1.4+ arduino, but i have some problem for fix the Z prob, my print start more or less 10mm above the bed.

Anyone can share the configuration.h please ?



  • Hey azhura i has ordered ramps 1.4 to and need to now how to hook up the z probe.
    The offset is set with z offset with lcd panel higher value closer to bed. Atleast with melzi marlin.
    If its an fw problem mayby you can download an p802ma fw and just check with your fw and that to se wats difrent
  • Does G30 return correct distance between nozzle and bed? If not fix z probe height to match by changing with error remaining.

    Also if you have z min = z probe use dev version and not 0.92.
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