Mirrored Z motor stops randomly

Hello all, I am working on a corexy 3d printer with 2 lead screws on the z axis. I am using 2 different stepper drivers and the mirror functionality. While just trying to jog the z axis, the mirrored motor sometimes just randomly stops(i think it goes to sleep). I am using a rumba board and version .92.9. I was using the development version before and it seemed to work fine. I want to use the stable if possible.


  • BTW the development version was not current it was older
  • I'm not aware of any problems for dual z motor. Dev only got 3rd and 4th motor mirror. And dev is stable and even has less errors then stable version i guess, so using it is no problem if it solves the error.
  • The problem was hardware... I just didn't realize the problem before
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