Is Advance Algorithm now stable?

Hi, i want to know if USE_ADVANCE and/or ENABLE_QUADRATIC_ADVANCE are usefull or is it a unstable (dead) feature? If it is stable, what values go to #define EXT0_ADVANCE_K 0.0f #define EXT0_ADVANCE_L 0.0f or how to find out. Im using a 0.4 Nozzel with a 20cm bowden tube. Thanks


  • It is stable but only within some ohysical constraints it is usable to full extends. Bowden is for example not so good, also 20cm is a short bowden. L value is 10-50 K value 0-1 i think, also i never use quadratic term. You should adjust it so it does not reverse extruder direction on deceleration. If that happens it will be hard to follow and stresses filament much more. But better limit to this then no compensation at all.
  • Thanks for your answer. 
    Next time i compile firmware, i will activate USE_ADVANCE and try out some values.

    Any good sample stl to test the effect?
  • On a simple cube you see that the edges come out sharper and maybe on top infill where you see at reverse points one direction getting thick and return direction thin.
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