Coords shown on Display


as far as i know the coords shown on Display are the last ones from buffer, so i will never see the coordinates from actual move

until last command.

is there a possibility to Show actual move coordinates on Display ?

i know that will cost some speed , but for milling i don´t care about that as moves are slow anyway.


  • That would be hard as the position is not really known. Under some circumstances we also have a realtime position counter. Used this once for delta to measure lost steps. But that woul be a motor position in steps and needs to be transformed back through steps and rotation and distortion and skew transformation to show real coordinates. That is the only way i see to get realtime position. A mid way would be to store start and end position for esch move you send in move buffer structure so yiu could interpolate.
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    what about  adding  


    at end of G0/G1 (in commands.cpp)?

    shouldn´t that update display also?
  • No, does not help. That is always working with last position in queue. It used to compute real positions in case yo9u moved stepwise.
  • ok so simplest way for me and  realtime is counting pulses (with external Controller ), should be interesting to compare

    with some Motor-mounted high-res Encoders.

    might get nice playground for me ;-)

  • You can simply count in step high function considering current direction as well.
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