Which NTC?

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I got a question about an NTC because I think the temperature of my extruder an bed are lower than expected.

See these NTCs please:

They are out of a Kit for an Anycubic Kossel Plus.

The firmware which is delivered with the printer (Marlin) is preconfigured, and the type configured is 104GT-2

But I think this is wrong. The NTC look way more like a NTC3950. These are sold by Anycubic on Aliexpress a lot.

At 110°C they differ in 10°C. At higher temperatures even more.

Can somebody confirm a type from the pictures for sure?



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    Nobody? Too bad. :/
  • Ntc3950 is just a mathematical curve. I do not really believe the temperatures follow this curve all the way. They are adjusted around 25 deg soo at higher levels the deviation normally gets bigger. So Gt104 might be better, but i don't know what you have and measurement point also adds errors, so if you are not sure just use 104 and check which temperature works best for your filament. As long as you hold that temperature the rest is not so important just cosmetic to display a temperature you would like to see:-)
  • Well, as I expected. The Chinese call it NTC3950, but it might be anything. :)

    For me it would be great to see real absolute temperatures. If I switch the printer it would be good to know the temperatures for the laminat as absolute values.

    Therefor I need to measure with a calibrated tool to get the B-Value right. :/

    Thanks for your answer.
  • Exchange thermistors with known types then. Of course we also have ntc3950 curve if you trust that it follows the curve.
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