How do I set a new board, the GT2560 from Geeetech. The old board that was in the machine went dead.

I got a new board from Geeetech and need to get the firmware on board, and I have no idea what to do and how to do it. I got the Geeetech printer from another person and it was working just fine, but being new to the 3D family, Im lost. Turned it on and loaded up a part and started to print and it died dead. Got a new board and plugged it in and nothing, so after reading a bit, now it says I have to program the thing from scratch.
What to do and how to do it, this is the help I need. Please!


  • You should be able to get the firmware from your printer vendor and upload it. If you get it you could also update it to latest version as described in our documentations, but this requires a working configuration file or the knowledge of all used hardware parts and pins, hence the official settings from vendor would help much.
  • OK, I shall try that and see. The printer is a Geeetech rostoch G2 pro. I think I found what you said on their web page. Will try that.

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