problems with autolevel


I am trying with autolevel feauture but I am having some problems. When I do G32 printers make the autolevel secuence, and when print started Z axis corrects the platform position. The probles is that whne I do some change in firmware or when I change the position of the platform, the print don't change. It is as if the changes I do not have any effect



  • What changes are you talking about? Some changes like new z height have only an effect after homing.
  • I try changing Z_PROBE_BED_DISTANCE and Z_PROBE_HEIGHT and print start at same position
  • I change Z_PROBE_HEIGHT too. I not see any difference, this parameter defines the height must be between measures. In my case put an oval or another, the platform always goes the same distance
  • You know you need G32 S2 to store the autoleveling permanent?

    Your desrcipptions are not informative enough for more help. You need to write it mor elike a log and say what you have done, what you send to printer, what happened and what you thought would happen.
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