Firmware stop / reset under Auto leveling


On my Delta printer the firmware (0.92.9) simply stop everything after some auto level measuring point. Not finishing the autolevel....
If I set it to 3 point autolevel or n*n point autolevel it stop after 4 point in n*n, no communication and control board simply halt....
No reaction on at key/display input or from host commands, I have to disconnect and connect again with the host.

If I set P1, P2 and P3 for the autolevel to other coordinates, autolevel is working.
Problem is the P1, P2, and P3 has to be relative near to each other (short distance between them), so the autolevel will only cover the middle of the bed and not outer area.

Most of the time the printer stop in middle of auto leveling and reset.....

I cannot go longer out from center of bed then:

P1: -20,-40  P2: 40,-40  P3: -20,40  (X,Y)

Larger numbers halt the process and reset the printer....

My bed is 260mm in diameter.

Anybody have an explanation for that?


  • There was recently a bug in dev version preventing negative coordinates but has been fixed.
  • I am not using the dev version, I think.. I use 0.92.9, is it 1.0 that is dev version? Strange that it work with small coordinates, can't it be datatypes that are chosen wrong, so calculations fail when numbers are larger? Where in the code is the the calculation for auto leveling, and is it depending on board type? (Rumba, ramps....) I have seen auto leveling working with Repetier and Delta printers in many videos!
  • Make sure to have at least 900 byte free ram or such strange things can happen. It is all in bedleveling.cpp and the same code for deltas and cartesian,
  • It is only 649 bytes free..... How Can I free some ram? What functions can be disabled to free ram? My Delta has Diamond nozzle with 3 extruders and 128x64 graphic display with sd card reader.
  • Can I use the 0.92.8 instead, will that give more free ram, or a previous version with autoleveling but maybe without z distortion matrix? Where can I find configuration for 0.92.8, I can only find for 0.91 , 0.92.9 and for dev.
  • Reduce subdivisions for delta segments until you have enough free ram. Requires advanced view in config tool.
  • Thank you so much :-) Now it is working by reducing delta segments from 24 to 20.
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