Need help updating my Melzi board to Repetier Firmware.


first off, I am quite new to 3D printers - but in these short few weeks I have came pretty far to understanding the tweaks and ends to 3D printing. Recently, I purchased a Tronxy I3 Prussa 3D printer with a bed size of 220x220 mm and equipped with a Melzi board running a firmware of Marlin v1.0 or X3A V1.1 is what comes up briefly on the start-up screen of the board as the running firmware.
On my linux computer I am running Repetier Host, which in the beginning I was able to get some decent prints, with some minimal calibration. However, as of late I have read that the best firmware to run on this board, not only as a alternative - but as a good working firmware compared to Marlin is a latest version of Repetier Firmware like Version 0.9. I read that some folks are getting better communication between the board and their computer both running Repetier.
Finally I have downloaded all the files, such as the Arduino IDE and the firmware, per these instructions here:
When I go to the first step; to open and select the file "Repetier.ino" in the Repetier sub-folder of the extracted files of the zip, I cannot find that file name. I do find a application file name "Repetier" but without the "ino" and it is actually colored and identified aqua green..

Lastly, if anyone has been here, down this, I would appreciate it greatly if you can point me into the right direction! Thanks


  • The ino file is in a subdirectory called repetier. If i remember right you need sanguino board definition for melui board installed in arduino. Hope you have the 128kb version so selecting only required functions can make it fit on the board.
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