Homing Z with probe

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im currently using g32 in my start gcode to do a bed leveling before every print. But this does take a long time and is not necessary as long as i don't move the bed.

i can store the calibration matrix in the eeprom with G32 S2 and load it with M320.

But what is missing is getting Z to a known value.

It seems that neither G28 Z nor G30 is setting Z to a probed level.

Unfortunately I don't have a free port to add a z max endstop

Am I missing something?


  • Yes you miss some points. G32 S2 activates autolevling in eeprom so no need to activate it unless you deactivate it before. Use homing order xy temperure then z and set z min endstop equal z probe pin. Then you can set homing position at a point where aftivating is possible and just home with G28. Requires dev versiion to work correctly.
  • Well - I would hope for another solution.

    I have a newly set up Printer with three-Z-Motors for bed level correction, and it is almost perfekt. But I still want to home to zmin, because there is a micrometer screw to adjust bed Level Distance. I would like to make a pre-Z-Homing with the probe (because a badly tilted bed delivers wrong heights to z-Min-Endstop. Wich could result in a nozzle crash.)
    The sequence I have in mind is: Where ever it is, lower the board with g1 z10. After that, homing xy, then going to the middle (xy). Homing Z Min with probe, going back 10 mm from switch point, doing the G32 stuff (disabling zmin Endstop, otherwise you have the Z-Min-Endstop firing before the probe hits - would be perfect), then homing to zmin with conventional Endstop.
    Question is about the Homing with Z Probe with a magical Gcode sequence and still having a conventinal Zmin-Endstop with a micrometer screw available. I love that screw because it works fine, but I don't want to fix it to the printer head.
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