Z probe Failed & Bed Leveling

I used G29 G code and gives me an automatic Z probe failed, 

X:-80.00 Y:-50.00 Z:0.000 E:0.0000
fatal:G29 leveling failed! Printer stopped and heaters disabled due to this error. Fix error and restart with M999.

And when I try to use G28 
RequestPause:Homing failed!

Im using an HE3D K280 Delta printer.


  • We recently had a problem introduced in dev that has been fixed by now. Maybe you are using the dev version with that error. It could not z probe on negative coordinates.

    Also you know G29 is not autoleveling? G32 S2 would autolevel and store results in eeprom. Assuming repetier-firmware.
  • At the moment Im using the MAC 1.0.2 version and Im using G32 S2 to do the auto leveling is still giving me same error message. I as able to make the X, Y, to be at 0.000.

    X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:0.000 E:0.0000
    N707 G28 X0.00 Y0.00 Z0.000 *102
    RequestPause:Homing failed!

    X:0.00 Y:0.00 Z:0.000 E:0.0000
    N725 G30 S2 *123
    Error:Z-probe failed
    fatal:G29 leveling failed! Printer stopped and heaters disabled due to this error. Fix error and restart with M999.
     Line by line
  • I'm talking about firmware version not host. Here only firmware is relevant.

    Also try homing with G28 instead of G28 X0 Y0 Z0 - not sure which firmware had problems with that.
  • How do you change the measurement points for a G32 S2? (My Z-Probe is on the right side of the extruders)
    When I send the G32 S2, the calibration routine goes to these coordinates
    16:54:51.378 : Z-probe:10.03 X:20.00 Y:20.00
    16:55:01.721 : Z-probe:10.10 X:40.00 Y:60.00
    16:55:12.082 : Z-probe:10.11 X:60.00 Y:100.00
    16:55:22.441 : Z-probe:10.06 X:80.00 Y:140.00
    16:55:32.754 : Z-probe:10.02 X:100.00 Y:180.00
    16:55:44.270 : Z-probe:10.08 X:60.00 Y:20.00
    16:55:54.645 : Z-probe:10.11 X:80.00 Y:60.00
    16:56:05.039 : Z-probe:10.15 X:100.00 Y:100.00
    16:56:15.410 : Z-probe:10.04 X:120.00 Y:140.00
    16:56:25.707 : Z-probe:10.03 X:140.00 Y:180.00
    16:56:37.250 : Z-probe:10.13 X:100.00 Y:20.00
    16:56:47.645 : Z-probe:10.11 X:120.00 Y:60.00
    16:56:58.051 : Z-probe:10.18 X:140.00 Y:100.00
    16:57:08.441 : Z-probe:10.06 X:160.00 Y:140.00
    16:57:18.363 : Z-probe:9.24 X:180.00 Y:180.00
    16:57:29.535 : Z-probe:10.18 X:140.00 Y:20.00
    16:57:39.972 : Z-probe:10.14 X:160.00 Y:60.00
    16:57:49.347 : Z-probe:8.09 X:180.00 Y:100.00
    16:57:58.066 : Z-probe:8.80 X:200.00 Y:140.00
    16:58:04.363 : Z-probe:3.23 X:220.00 Y:180.00
    16:58:12.574 : Z-probe:10.22 X:180.00 Y:20.00
    16:58:22.223 : Z-probe:8.53 X:200.00 Y:60.00
    16:58:31.066 : Z-probe:8.60 X:220.00 Y:100.00
    16:58:39.753 : Z-probe:8.33 X:220.00 Y:140.00
    16:58:48.316 : Z-probe:8.34 X:220.00 Y:180.00
    16:58:52.396 : plane: a = -0.0113 b = -0.0050 c = 11.4768
    16:58:52.396 : Transformation matrix: 0.999936 0.000000 0.011305 -0.000056 0.999988 0.004971 -0.011305 -0.004971 0.999924
    16:58:52.411 : CurrentZ:8.42 atZ:10.00
    16:58:52.833 : Info:Autoleveling enabled
    16:58:54.019 : X:200.08 Y:180.03 Z:5.164 E:0.0000

    It never gets to the back of the bed (bed size is 200 x 280) but the last few measurements put the sensor off the right side of the board so it does not trigger.

  • Open eeprom editor there you see the 3 points building spanning the test area.
  • Very sorry to hijack this thread (this was unintentional).. This post was supposed to have been put into the thread that I had opened a few days ago.
    I will be copying this post (and my responses to that thread)...
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