FT-5 Wierd trouble with print

Hi i was wondering if someone can help we with my problem, the prints on my brand new self built FT-5 comes out with wierd layers :S
Thanks in advance! :D

jump to 0.10 :)


  • Looks not that unusual. When you go around the corner the printer swings as you see in the waves on the left getting smaller. The rest might be a consequence of this. So you could try reducing the swinging.
    1. Make sure to have good tension on belts so they do not swing much.
    2. reduce jerk
    3. reduce acceleration
    4. print outer perimeter slower (inside is invisible so not that importnant).
    5. print outer layer first (good for outer layer, overhangs get worse)

    2-3 will make it blob more in edges, so it is all about finding a good balance for your printer.
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    Hi, i have a old folgertech printer that prints all the layers like they where one, and i was hoping to get this one to do so to :) i can se the lines are uneven when the light hits the prints in the right way, if i just could remove that then the printer would be perfect :)

    1.I tightened all the belts, did not help.
    2/3 i reduced the acceleration and jerk by 40% and put the printer on the floor, did not help.
    4 i reduced the outer perimiter with 50% did not help.
    5. i dont know how to do that.

    Thanks for great suggestions! :)
    Do you have any more? :)
  • 5. is a slicer option available on most slicers.

    That's all I know from software side. You should at least see the bumps around the corner getting less. A bit also depends on how equally the extrusion works. If extrusion is unequal e.g. from not holding sub steps correctly the width would vary over length also this is independent from corner bumps. It is maximum responsible for unequalness after that area. It can also be a fan causing the extruder to vibrate. There are just so many factors that must match for perfection.
  • ok, il try that too, thanks for great help! :)  
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