Manual Bed Leveling Crash Davinci 1.0 E3D V6 -23.6mm Z offset from home

Hello All,

I installed a V6 on my 1.0 the new Z offset is -23.6mm. I have this value in eeprom and the printer works great, however I cannot use the bed leveling on the machine. When I try to run the manual bed leveling, the head wants to crash into the build plate. Where do I mod the firmware to do a Z move first then proceed with leveling to avoid the crash?


  • set z offset to 0 and increase z length instead to get it on board. Then your z prbe settinsg make sense again. z probe height might be wrong now with new nozzle. With that set right it should fix your problems.
  • Thank You,
    I will try this today.
  • Z max length in eeprom has no effect on the bed leveling. I went back and set Z min pos to -23.6 and I am able to print but I still cannot manually level the bed on the machine. I have to do it in simplify3d software.
  • Now you write z min and earlier z offset. That is a big difference as both exist. z min should be 0, then z length is distance from bottom to z max home position. That is completely indfependent of autoleveling. For autoleveling you need z probe height set correctly so it computes z length correctly. A wrong value here adds wrong value to z length and then z hming is on wrong height afterwards.
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