Missing temp for extruder 2 and 3


On my new Delta printer with Repetier firmware 0.92.9 on Rumba board, I have configured my Diamond hotend with 3 extruder as separate extruders, not mixing extruder.
I want to use individual filaments and not mixing filaments.
Coordinates is 0,0 in x,y for extruders as all come from same nozzle, heater and temp sensor is set to same Rumba connection temp 0 and heater 0 as all extruders use same.

When I manually set extruder 1 to heat to 230 degree (in Repetier host), then it is shown on the display (of printer, both set point and actual temp.
When I select extruder 2 or 3 and heat for 230 degree, it actually heat up, but display is showing 0 degree for setpoint.




  • Damm, pictures don't work....

    How do I get display to show setpoint temp for all extruder?
    Display only have to show one setpoint and actual temp, as it is a diamond nozzle, but it only show extruder/hotend 1 temps....
  • Have you set
    /* Set to 1 if all extruders use the same heater block. Temp. control is then always
    controlled by settings in extruder 0 definition. */

    If you rotate knob right you should see all 3 temperatures and see that it only set for one extruder I guess.
  • Yes, SHARED_EXTRUDER_HEATER is set to 1
  • And what does the temperature page show in that case? I mean not the default page but the one you see when rotating the knob.
  • It show 230 degree for extruder 1 as setpoint and actual, and zero as setpoint for 2 other extruder, and actual temperature (230 degree) for 2 other extruders.
    So it measure same temp for all 3 extruders, but setpoints only showing for extruder 1.
  • Ok, have checked how shared extruders were supposed to work. Your description is correct as it only sets extruder 1 to temperature regardless of active one. In dev I have changed it to always set all extruders and still ignore internally temperatures for extruder 2-. So this is just a cosmetic change.
  • Ok, that means to correct this, I have to use dev firmware?
  • Just configured firmware dev version and get an error compiling, variable TC not declared...
  • Ok, fixed the code.
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