Bed Thermistor

So we are have our delta printer. We have the extruders reading the temperatures. But the bed wont heat up. on start up the host sees the bed and i can send command but nothing changes. would it be a connection issue or would it be a firmware problem?


  • Use temperature monitor in server/host and see if you have 100% power until decouple message comes. If this is the case and it does not get hot you might have set wrong bed heater pin or no power for that output (bed often has separate power input on boards) or mosfet defect.
  • Alright, so i checked it. It seems that it went for about 3-5 seconds then i got this error. One heater seems decoupled from thermistor - disabling all for safety. Temp. raised to slow. rise = 0.46 after 21066 ms. So where should i start?
  • Message says it heated 21 seconds full power and bed temperature only changed by 0.46 deg. So now think what is the case here. is the bed so slow increase the time to 60000 ms and try again. Could also be that you are using wrong thermistor pin and you combined extruder thermistor with bed heater so nothing would happen to temperature while heating as it is the wrong place you measure.
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