Repetier is permanently frozen

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I am the owner of of a printrbot simple metal, since september.  So far I have managed to complete successful prints until november.  I have been using slice3r and repetier in combination and have been getting great results.  However after november repetier is in a state of permanent freeze.  The program won't respond to any of my actions and is inoperable.  This has the effect that I had to switch to cura, where the quality of results isn't as good as before.  
To solve the problem I have tried to delete the library folder and create a new one, re-installed different versions of the software and checked if there was any damage to the program through disk utility.  Furthermore it is unlikely that my computer is the issue as all other programs work fine and there are no viruses or other issues.  Still the problem persists with all versions and has left me clueless.  I would be very grateful if anybody could supply me with information on how to solve the problem.  
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  • Would help to know when it freezes. Doe sit happen on startup or when connecting or during print?

    You could try to delete the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Repetier-Host which is like a fresh installation, also your slicer profiles will survive.
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    Thanks for the reply.  The program immediately freezes when starting up.  I am using mac OSX on my computer, how would I delete the registry, since I couldn't find it while searching for it.

  • So you are not using repetier Host but Repetier-Host for Mac? There you would need to delete the preferences with

    defaults delete repetier.Repetier-Host-Mac
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