Delta printers. x/y correction


Recently I´ve a delta printer with no Z probe
I have no problem with z height and flatness calibration. At first I make it manually and after I've used escher system with good results

However after printing this, A tower size is 0.3-0.4 mm smaller than the others
I've changed DELTA_DIAGONAL_CORRECTION_A by up to -2. 

This way A tower print is closer to the target value but B and C tower dimensions are as well incresed so the the difference between towers remain the same!! 0.3-0.4mm....
On the other hand this change affects to flatness. So after this, I changed DELTA_RADIUS_CORRECTION_A and made another print. In this case even the difference in size was a little bigger

Is this normal? Is this the right way for x/y calibration

Many thanks



  • Please use escher 6 var correction with diagonal rod size fixed. The diagonal modifications easily change size when it is optimized in addition so fixing this, make it flat and measure size. Then increase/decrease diagonal if size does not fit and recalibrate for flatness. Have heard this is working very good.
  • I used 6 var correction with diagonal rod size fixed.
    The problem came after printing the calibration object. 
    A-tower dimension was 0.3-0.4mm smaller than the others (B and C tower dimensions were well)
    I tried to correct this by changing DELTA_DIAGONAL_CORRECTION_A by up to -2.
    However, althought this corrects A-tower size, it also affects tower B and C dimensions proportionaly making them bigger!.
    This does not make sense to me!!
    What could be the right way for adjusting X/Y size in firmware?
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