Z axis problem

I have a problem with the z axis(portabee printer )
The problem is that the z-axis motors (threaded rod M6) has not enough power, the rest of axes is capable to move  the printer if i will hold it, but z axis motors are wery weak, and sometimes stuck and can't go up or down.


  • Reduce max. z speed and z acceleration. Thats all you can do on firmware side. On hardware side grease the rods, check if more current if possible, make sure x axis and z rods are square not adding unneeded friction or put bette rmotors in it.
  • thanks, how to increase current for z axis,  other axis work normal , I  use 12V and 18A power supply
  • The stepper drivers have a poti to adjust current. Especially if you have 2 motors on z it might need to be increased. But read the docs for your stepper drivers on the current they can deliver and check what your motors can handle.
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