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Hi, If i open my Repetier-Server page from an iPhone or iPad with Safari i get the top bar and a white page. I have login enabled so i assume there is a problem with displaying the login interface? Anyone else have this issue? I just installed one day ago from the official dpkg so i have the latest version.


  • It is exactly the same interface as on desktop computers. Have it running on iPad and iPhone without problems so far. Sometimes the first call takes a bit of time as the interface is quite big. What iPad/iPhone are you using? A recent one or old version with old iOS?
  • iPad Pro and iPhone 7+ Both on iOS 10.2.x. I have nginx running in front of it but its set up according to the instructions and works from computers its just Safari on iOS that wont finish loading. Its hosted on 1000mbps and accessed via 4G with good signal.
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    I just realized i could try to bypass nginx via vpn and that loaded straight up. I have nginx inbetween to secure public access with ssl. Any ideas why it works via computers via nginx but not iOS?!
  • From what you see I guess it is the websocket not coming through. When websocket is established you see login or dashboard/printer. When you connect with https it is using wss - secure websocket and nginx must proxy that separately to ws on server side. So it could be configuration of nginx or it is a insecure certificate. Our instructions use a self signed certificate so that only works if iOS trusts it. If you try nginx without secure connection I guess it works, right? Not sure if you use port 3344 with vpn to bypass nginx completely.
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    Makes sense, thanks. Its a snakeoil-cert as i couldnt be bothered to set up letsencrypt yet as 80/443 are used for other things on other internal hosts on the same public ip.
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