Converting Tronxy p802ma to repeter. Z homing problems and xy origin


I am trying to convert my Tronxy P802MA (probably the same as Zonestar P802MA with a liittle different extruder and z probe position) and having problems.

The model does not have a Z-min switch, it only has an inductive Z probe on the extruder itself.

Home precedure is X,Y,Z. So, X and Y go to 0 which is OFF BED and the Z probe goes down to home but nothing is below, so, inductive sensor cannot detect the bed. How can i configure the firmware to go to the center of the bed after homing XY before homing Z?

Anothing thing is the XY origin. As i understand the origin is where the min endstops are located if i start printing the print will be located in that corner. How do i put XY origin into the center of the bed, so it will ber X:0 y:0 for all absolute G1 commands.


  • X0 Y0 are normally front left corner of the bed. 
    what i do is set 
    this puts X0 and Y0 to the corner of my bed
    In repetier host you set the printable area as X0 Y0 to X200 Y200 (depending on size of bed)
    In the firmware config tool/mechanics menu  choose homing option 'X Y preheat then Z', this opens up the option to specify x y coords to home Z

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