Z-Level and Zmax


I will be starting to implement Z-leveling on my Mendel90 on the weekend, but got confused by the Repetier Firmware Z leveling manual. It seems I misunderstand something. Let me explain what my understanding is and please tell me where I go wrong:

A big nag on my Mendel90 ist that it travels all the way up and down again (loud/slow) prior to every print because the Mendel90 has only max-Endstops. I thought I can resolve two issues in one - bed leveling and so to say get a Zmin in addition. My understanding is that prior to a print the printer homes X and Y, and then uses the probe to determine Zmin (which in turn supersedes running up and down).

Where's the flaw?

Cheers, Ralf


  • It was never meant to be used that way from me. So I'm quite sure 0.92 is the only version where it might work that way since it has some fixes regarding G32. Of course you need first to home Z to get a good starting point or start at last height not knowing if it is too deep already. There might be a bug that it only works if you start at a low z but I'm not sure to which version this hint belongs.
  • So that was a wrong assumption of mine, I thought it would work that way. Never tried it in reality.
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