Understand dimensions for configuration for delta printer


I have build my own delta printer, and I am having problems understanding the dimensions in repetier configurator.

There is a picture under dimensions when you use the configuration web tool. On this picture a dimension is showed called 'printer radius'.
Is this 'printer radius' the same value I have to put into the field 'Max. horizontal radius'?
If this 'printer radius' on the picture is the same as 'Max horizontal radius', where do I then limit the print radius?, maybe the printbed don't have same radius as printer radius on the picture.

The Z length or Z_max_length, is that the nozzle height over the print bed when all sliders is at max. stop?

How about 'Floor safety margin', what to understand by that?

I am using a diamond 3 filament mixing hotend. I have printet out an effector I designed my self with capacitive proximity sensor holder, and the diamond head holder to fit the effector.
I noticed that my nozzle tip is not perfectly in the middle of the effector, even if all the dimensions on the printed parts seems ok.
I think it is because the diamond head holder is not perfectly designed.

Can I correct this error, nozzle tip not centered in effector, with the 'Radius error column A/B/C' ?

Thank you for all help you can give :-)


  • Printer radius is where you allow to print. The more you go to border the faster one of the motors has to move. So even for positions that are physical possible you might want to prevent it or you will not be able to keep send speeds. Imagine that the speed goes to inifinite at the limit so you surely want to avoid that range.

    z length is height when centered after homing. So if z=0 hits bed or has a gap change that value.

    For deltas the extruder/prove offset origin is effector center. So simply set offset to position you have relative to effector center.
  • Ok
    Thank you very much.

    I will try....

    I have the problem, even if I think all dimension is correct put into Repetier firmware, that I cannot get far out at max dimension put into the firmware.


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