Repetier-Server Pro Questions

When I originally installed repetier-server relatively recently (Linux version) I didn't activate the Pro demo (or it never activated -- I've always seen the Pro Required boxes). I'm interested in Pro now and would like to activate that demo. How may I do this?

If I then go ahead to purchase, I have two questions:

1) Several Pro features are currently listed as "coming soon" -- does a purchase now provide for upgrades to versions that include those features later? In general, what are the terms of the license in respect to upgrades, etc.?

2) I'm in the U.S. and would pay via PayPal. How do I avoid paying EU VAT on the purchase, since VAT of course should not be collected for a non-EU buyer.

Thanks very much.


  • Make sure you can do 

    Some linux are not configured to resolve names or connect to internet which is required for the test period. Once we see your device never had a demo it should appear. Test happens on startup of server.

    1. Updates to coming soon features are all included.

    2. We use Share-It for selling licenses. They charge in each country with local vat. But prices to pay stay the same.
  • No problem pinging Watching the dashboard page, even when I manually restart the server from /etc/init.d, I don't see anything about the demo. I only recall seeing it ask once on the very first install, at which time I said no since I wanted to see what the free version looked like at the time. Thanks.
  • In that case go to register tab. If you have said no it will not appear in normal use, but in register tab it should still offer the demo.
  • Reached it directly via /register. Thanks!

  • The test version is not displayed for me eighter.
    I also visited  /register and I havn't installed repetire server on this pc bevor. I am able to connect to the and also from the question: about license - Repetier-Forum

  • That"s bad. Since network seems to work it means someone else had same identification id before. Not very likely but can happen and we can not undo it since server then already has stored the passed trial preventing reuse. All you could do is test on an other device or check demo server to see the pro function in action.
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