Grid Bed Leveling "weird" points

Hey, I have grid bed leveling configured for a 3x3 grid.
from my understanding it should probe equally spaced 9 points inside my specified coordinates.

instead the probe points are the following:

Send: N14 G32*45
Recv: ok 14
Send: N15 M140 S55.0*127
Recv: Info:Autoleveling disabled
Recv: Z-probe:3.94 X:35.00 Y:45.00
Recv: Z-probe:4.53 X:107.50 Y:112.50
Recv: Z-probe:5.32 X:175.00 Y:165.00
Recv: Z-probe:4.30 X:107.50 Y:45.00
Recv: Z-probe:5.19 X:175.00 Y:112.50
Recv: Z-probe:5.26 X:175.00 Y:165.00
Recv: Z-probe:5.03 X:175.00 Y:45.00
Recv: Z-probe:5.13 X:175.00 Y:112.50
Recv: Z-probe:5.21 X:175.00 Y:165.00
Recv: plane: a = 0.0036 b = 0.0023 c = 3.9682
Recv: Transformation matrix: 0.999993 0.000000 -0.003632 -0.000008 0.999997 -0.002296 0.003632 0.002296 0.999991
Recv: CurrentZ:5.19 atZ:5.13
Recv: Info:Autoleveling enabled


  • Please have a closer look to the image in config tool about grid leveling. There you see That P1-P3 have to follow a pattern to define a square.
    P1 = Origin
    P2 = P1+X axis
    P3 = P1 + Y axis

    You have P2 or P3 as opposite corner making it a route.
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