Configuration printer plotter. Help

Hi . I am using the .Repetier-Firmware 0.92.9 version with Configuration Tool.
I have the ramps 1.4. And mega arduino.
Below I put the configuration file.
With this confuguracion "it works", I can move the motor in manual control. But the problem is that if I change some parameter of the motor, like speed or steps, then everything remains the same, nothing has changed.

Here and set everything to zero and the engines move. ¿Because ?I do not understand what happens.

xMaxSpeed": 0,
    "xHomingSpeed": 0,
    "xTravelAcceleration": 0,
    "xPrintAcceleration": 0,
    "yMaxSpeed": 0,
    "yHomingSpeed": 0,
    "yTravelAcceleration": 0,
    "yPrintAcceleration": 0,
    "zMaxSpeed": 0,
    "zHomingSpeed": 0,
    "zTravelAcceleration": 0,
    "zPrintAcceleration": 0,


  • Firmware stores values on first startup in eeprom. Connect with repetier server or host and open eeprom editor. There oyu see active values and you can change them. Or send

    to copy them from configuration.h to eeprom so they get used.
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    Okay, I got it, thank you.

    To put a drill, control its speed which driver can be used?

  • We have no speed control for cnc mills. Only on/off via pin. And changing direction via pin if supported.
  • What hardware to use to control on / off?
  • How to calculate Steps per mm ??
    StepsPerTurn / pulley length
  • StepsPerTurn/circumsphere yes.

    YOu could use a simple SSR to turn on/off 240V power of the mill.
  • Hl. Which laser can use to make pcb and cut.?? Link. EBay?
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