I have an anycubic trigorilla (ramps 1.4) and I want to use a termocouple ad595 circuit on T0 pin. Unfortunately, if imposed it in the firmware the board don't detect anything. I tried also on T2 but I have the same problem. What can cause this problem?

Configuration.h: here
Full firmware: here

Thank you in advance for your help.


  • Thermocouples do not work at the T0-2 pins of RAMPS as these use a voltage divide with 4.7K meant for thermistors.
    You need to connect the output to a free analog pin on one of the extension ports and set the analog pin number (not digital one!) as pin.
  • Unfortunately on this board there are no free other analog pins. and 'the problrma can be corrected by software? I could fix the AD595 multipliers?
  • The temperature measured without sensor is 499 °, with the sensor 481.9 °
  • Thank you very much for your help
  • I have removed the resistance and it works perfectly. 

     Thanks so much
  • Ok, nothing I would have adviced but removing resistor makes it a plain analog input so yes, that does it.
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