Change FEATURE_RETRACTION during printing


I wanted to know if there is a possibility or any option in the LCD menu to change the FEATURE_RETRACTION values during printing.

I have read in the forum that the values can be changed to eeprom (by the eeprom editor that there is repeater-host?) But it would be useful to be able to make this change by LCD.

Just a note, I have changed it in my gcode to use G10 and G11.



  • No options in LCD, sorry. Only EEPROM but htere you can change it on the fly but might cause some short pauses while doing so.
  • Tks!

    Can you give me a tip how can change on the fly?

    Its from repetier-host terminal?

    Its possible create this option on lcd menu?

  • By the way, my setup is:

    Prusa i3 itopie

    Arduino due

    Smart ramps + lcd AZSMZ 12864 

  • In host just open eeprom editor. Problem is that this sends all eeprom values and that causes a small delay in print if buffer is not full with longer lines. But then you can change them directly. If you enable commands in log and change the value you see even the correct M206 code to change exactly that value. So remember it. Also this is nothing you should change too frequent.

    In theory I can add every value to lcd menu, but that requires more and more ram for things normally not changed so I will not do that.
  • Thank you for the tips!

    I understand what you say, but I think it's a very useful function.
    In my prusa, depending on the piece to print, there are areas that retraction is more or less. With this function available in lcd, you could quickly change this value without having to access the repeater-host (or terminal to send gcode).
    Please think about this possibility.

    Once again, many thanks for the tips.

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