About calibration Delta Radius ABC and Corr. diagonal ABC

Is there a good definition how to use Delta Radius A (0), Delta Radius B (0), Delta Radius C (0), and Corr. diagonal A [mm] , Corr. diagonal B [mm], Corr. diagonal C [mm]

I think it is a strong concept but when i use the Delta Radius A settings i have a point oposit off tower A who is to low.
Any definition or drawing explanation ?

Thanks in advance


  • It is just a correction of the diagonals or horizontal radius which you define for all. So if there is deviation you can set them. No special pics or explanations. You may use one of the calculation tools like this
    to calibrate.
  • Dear, this tool is not for repetier, i have used it yesterday 15 times, and it give results for marlin, not for repetier deltaradius correction or diagonaal corrections.

    The only thing thad change when select repetier above is steps endstp units.
    So my problem stay actual.
  • This tool is also for repetier. I used it also!
  • Ok please can you explane how you use the results of the tool for adjust Delta Radius A, B C and or Correction diagonal A B C.
    With my home made delta, i can not get my bed complete horizontal.

    With the tool, the only thing thad change after select reptier on the tool is the possibility to get steps for the tower tuning.
  • edited February 2017
    With Marlin all this calibration are full automated with "G30 A" command with 7 probing point, also the z-height.
    I hope in a future this code inside Repetier... ;-)
  • Had such a function also included a while ago for testing. Did not really work with my starting conditions. Problem is that they all move towards next local minimum or even drift away. If you are near the solution it will converge to a local solution. From a mathematical point you can optimize 7 variables with 7 points. We have more then 7 parameters to change. But any working automatic adjustment that leads to a good overall improvement is welcome. Would life make much easier. SO maybe I add the solution from escher3d  sometime.
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