Four-armed (quattro) parallel delta printer

I'm using repetier firmware with my custom build of Kossel delta printer. Right now I'm thinking about doing something more interesting, I would like to add another arm to my build to create "square delta" printer which I believe will become more stable and precise, something like this ->!topic/deltabot/INiYbXKw84s
My biggest concern is with firmware customization, any thoughts where to start? Is it possible to alter the driver system for classical 3-arm delta and work upon that or should I start completely over? Would be glad to hear your suggestions and opinions, thanks in advance


  • The problem is that you need to modify many parts to support 4 motors in parallel instead of 3. So all arrays need extra space for 4th motor and you need to adjust the math routine to a 4th axis. Not that difficult but changes at many places so resulting firmware is incompatible to existing version making updating a bit harder as you always need to check if one of your mods gets altered.

    Also I would advice using a due based board since you need more speed and ram.

    Regarding stability, you will get one problem as the model becomes statically undefined. As shown in the image it works with 3 of 4 arms perfectly. This means the 4th position is exactly defined und must at all times be where it should be or you will loose steps or platform will start to rotate. Since moves are all nonlinear each computed move must be small to reduce the error to something that is smaller then play room. With due you should be able to do 500 updates per seconds, so it should suffice. But you should be aware of this constrain.
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