Z Homing Configuration

I'm currently trying to convert my two printers from running Marlin to Repetier-Firmware for a couple of reasons. (Marlins auto bed levelling is a bit buggy where its not calculating it correct and I also use Repetier-server to control the printers so it makes sense to use Repetier Firmware).

I think I've configured it correct with the same values that I used for the Marlin firmware. However no matter what Z settings I change I seem to have the following:

Run G28, X & Y Home Correct

Z Then goes to home, the probe goes down senses the bed and triggers and the Z axis moves back up as I would expect. However it then just keeps moving down crushing the bed even though the probe is triggering again.

i suspect I have a value wrong but can't figure it out. I've put the configuration on paste.ubuntu.com over at http://paste.ubuntu.com/23936179/



  • Please also check values in eeprom.

    You might want to set homing order to xy Temp. z with temp. 0. That way you can say where to probe for homing z. Also your z probe xy offset is 0 whcih is only the case if it is the extruder nozzle. If not make sure offset relative to extruder is set correctly.

    Z_PROBE_HEIGHT 40 means when z probe triggers it must go 40mm down so nozzle touches bed. I guess this is too high and drives your nozzle into bed as described.
  • do you have a Z max endstop fitted or are you using a z min probe as Z min endstop

    atm you have 
    #define Z_HOME_DIR 1  which is Z max homing
  • Thanks @Repteier, Changing the height from 40 to 0 fixed the issue.

    @MartinH I'm using the z min probe as z min endstop but the configuration seems to be fine now I've done the change repetier recommended. 
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