Send Values to PMW Pin on Ramps Board

Hello sorry if my english is not the best.

Is it possible to send some values like the actual extruder temperature and the actual layer directly to a unused PWM pin on the ramps board?

I want to use this pins to control an led stripe, wich runs in the heating phase for blue to red pending on the temperature, and during the printing from red to green pending on the actual layer or the remaing duration of printing.

The Led stripe is conected with an additional arduino nano wich also will do some other stuff in the future.

Can anyone help me with this problem?


  • Use our event system to catch the cases and send commands to your board. E.g. 100ms timer call would be good to show current state. See sample event systems on github. There is even a sample for rgb light from adafruit.
  • Hi thank you for your answer!

    Is there any instruction or tutorial how to use the event system? That would be very nice!!!

    Hope you can help me!
  • Read the events.h file. It describes it at the head and together with available examples it should be clear.
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