ramps-fd (arduino due) + 12864 Full graphic smart controller


I connect to the Arduino due the rams-Fd V1.0  LCD adapter display 12864 (Full graphic) .
 It glows, but the hiring does not display anything. Flash version 0.92.
(A branch read, but have not figured out how to make it work)
Please help.


  • You need to define the display manually. Find either in ui.h the right display and add a section for your board with pins matching (simple solution) or define it as custome display in uimenu.h. I think the problem is that we have no mapping for that board/display type available. If you have it working you can send it so we can add it for the future.
  • the user display earned (I have exactly the same Board , the adapter and the display).
    I insert rows into ui.h 
        #define LCD_PINS_RS         16
        #define LCD_PINS_ENABLE     17
        #define LCD_PINS_D4         23
        #define LCD_PINS_D5         25
        #define LCD_PINS_D6         27
        #define LCD_PINS_D7         29

            #define BEEPER            37

          #define BTN_EN1           33
          #define BTN_EN2           31
          #define BTN_ENC           35

          #define SDCARDDETECT      49

    but nothing is changing.
    What am I missing?
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    Same problem, even not connecting to arduino due, but works on Marlin4Due
  • It depends on where you set the pins. Also the names are for Marlin not repetier. So put them in your display with the same chip and add a section for ramps fd with pin names as used for the other cases. I don't have the board and also not that display also it might be compatible, in any way I can not test anything. You need to do that. All I can do is if someome has  a new working combination to insert it to our current DisplayList.h (ui.h in old versions).
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