Problem with Simplify3D comments

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I tested Simplify3D 3.1.1 in english but with OS in french.

The gcode genered containt some comments like this :

; G-Code generated by Simplify3D(R) Version 3.1.1
; févr. 4, 2017 at 2:26:54

When there is a character with a accent 'févr', the file print function not start with the firmware dev.
I'm not tried with 0.92
If I rename 'fevr', the print run without problem.
Is't possible to correct this ? but it's just unpleasant for 'février' and 'décembre' ;)


  • These are non ascii chars and firmware can not handle them correctly. Your host software is not allowed to send non ascii text. In fact your host should not send comments at all, that is just a waste of time.

    What host are you using to send the gcode? Not that our software is doing that:-)
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    I not use any host.

    I use just the gcode file on SD and print directly with the firmware ;)
  • Ok, in that case you have to delete non ascii chars.
  • That's what I do, it's not important, only for 2 months a year, and I can also ask Simplify3D to correct their log.

    This remark was to alert the users, I spent a little time before understanding why the gcode file was no longer running.

    I was just surprised that Repetier-Host avoids a comment line and that the firmware can no ;)

  • Hosts know it is a comment so why sending a comment to printer. It is waste of bandwith so we strip them avoiding the problem. I will check the firmware and maybe I see a way to ignore it. Problem is that firmware detects binary commands from first char having bit 8 set just like non ascii chars. So I think that is the confusion, but first char is not present so test is likely ignoring position.
  • Ok, just uploaded new version for dev branch that should fix the problem. Thanks for notifying.
  • Thanks to you, I will test this weekend
  • It's perfect
    Good job :-bd
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