Host wont control my printer?

I am using a mega + RAMPS set up and I am unsure why the host will not control the printer. The host will start up and receive the information from the printer ie. the firmware version. I can even run a m119 command to verify the states of the endstops. However, once I try to home the printer, the commands just stack and I cannot control the motors. What might be causing this? I believe the baud is correct since the printer connects and I can check the endstops but I could be wrong.


  • Yes if you see commands and answers baud rate is correct.
    Homing blocks until finished and if motors do not move that can be quite some time and then you see x commands waiting. So question is why motors do not move.
    - no main power?
    - Defect/missing/wrongly inserted drivers
    - Misconfiguration

    So now the configuration fun starts.

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