G30 and G32 G33 wrong coordinates of probing

I have a Delta printer, and i try to levelling my bed.
When i do G30 on a position for example in the center of the bed  my probe go near my Z Tower.  If i do G33 command it start to probe first in front of Z tower the in the middle and then go outside the bed!!  I have a capacitative sensor.  Before with Marlin irmware worked like a charme.
The setting of 3 point grid probing area are:
Z_PROBE_X1 -50
Z_PROBE_Y1 -50
Z_PROBE_Y2 -50
Z_PROBE_X3 -50

Please help me
Thanks in advance


  • G33 has it's own set of coordinates for probing in Configuration.h and these seem to be off.
    Also please use latest dev version where I just fixed some G33 related issues.

    G30 runs start and end z probe script so it depends on the content there. Also last week we made some changes that were not so good and are corrected and should work now. This could cause unexpected moves when enabling z probe.
  • Thanks  i solved my problem with your hint
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