not all settings downloaded

after setting up my printer on Firmware site and downloading them, then upload to Ramps 1.4 board VIA Arduino IDE The Z height is wrong (180 on site 150 in firmware) none of the Extruder variables are there, including the PID. you can't set any on these on the board. I've been chasing my tail until I opened and looked at the firmware in HOST and it showed those variables missing.

now i'm at the point that I know whats wrong, but not what I can do about it.


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    For what its worth, I run the EEPROM clear sketch before I load new firmware.You can also look at the configuration.h file while in the Arduino IDE and verify they are correct.
  • That can happen if you had uploaded a firmware before. In that case run

    to copy config values back. Clearing eeprom also works as it deletes checksum and version. Also simply changing EEPROM_MODE would help.
  • I changed the EEPROM from 1 to 2 but motorsports through g-code at an earlier stage and it didn't work as expected.
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