Ramps 1.4 is it possible to have almost everything running with repetier?

I built a my first 3D printer last month, and after several upgrades it is mostly a prusa i3...

I have two MK8 extruders (thermal probes, steppers, and heating resistors on both), servo and switch for z-probe (on Z-Max), I also have a cooling fan for cooling extruded material (with PWM), and a Full Graphic Smart LCD Controller with SD card.

the problem I have is I can't get everyone to play together, and at this point I don't even know if its possible to have all those things going at the same time without interfering with something else as far as pins go.

I'm not sure if anyone has made it work without the need for another board via I2C or have used multiplexing, but any ideas or links would be great!



  • From your description I see no problem. What makes you think it does not work? I assume you have a fan extender for fan PWM and also extra power supply for the servo as that would not work from the 500mA you get for everything.
  • I was trying to use the online configuration tool, I tried a lot of combinations with settings, but I could not get everything I would like to compile, however if I left out one item I could get things to compile properly.

    this one came close with only some fan errors,

  • Please show error messages so we know what is going wrong.
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