I am  trying to set my corner to plate height but having some problems,

 ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_ON_HOME I have been changing the values  for the x y and z

but I am guessing I am doing something wrong if I change the value  in ENDSTOP_X_BACK_ON_HOME it doesn't

seem to make any difference, from what I have found I have to change all three the x y and z for it to back off the endstop

but I can't set the backoff correct for each endstop, is this the correct way or is there a different setting I should be using.

thanks gary


  • If you have a delta is is wrong. Then only Z has an effect but on all 3 towers. Firmware eeprom has a extra offset for each endstop that you set with M131/M99/M132 as described in our z probe documentation on homepage.
  • thanks so there is no software setting for the offsets, only eeprom. yes its a delta.

    ok I had eepron turned off trying to get the corners and center calibrated before I

    sent the settings to eeprom but will change my approach to the problem, this is my

    first try with repetier like it so far but so many setting I don't understand..

    Thanks gary 

  • forgot does probing need to be on?

    and I don't have a probe installed on printer.

    thanks gary

  • No, setting endstop offsets is independent of  z-probe.
  • I read the z-probe file on main website

    I turned on eeprom now, but if I send a g321 I get no movement do I need to enable probing also?.

    thanks gary

  • From description
    G131 - set extruder offset position to 0 - needed for calibration with G132

    so if extruder has offset 0,0 no move will take place and you could even omit this. It is only for dual extruders where the extruders are not in the effector center.
  • not sure where 131 came from I used g321 as explained in the video from the  probing  doc's on web site

    it said to turn off 1 motor at a time and put a rod to the frame and move down the axis to the rod and do each one

    then sent a g321... but with the g321 I got no movement to home that's what I am trying to figure out I don't have probing turned on  do I need to?.

    Thanks gary

  • There is a M321 in docs, but to move for 10 seconds send M99 X0 or Y0 or Z0 depending on which motor to turn off.
  • Guess I am miss understanding the video it looked like to me after you moved the axis down to the rod and had all 3 at the proper spacing with the rod then a m321 was sent it looked to me like the 3 axis homed and you where setting the proper xyz heights. offset height

    thanks gary

  • If you read the doc it says to position with M99 and if positions are ok send
    G132 S1
    whcih is the homing like move to set offsets you mentioned.
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