Repetier Host Manual?

I'm trying to find a manual for the current version of Repetier Host.  When I click on Help>Repetier Host - Manual  it only brings me to an online guide, but not really a full manual.  There is a link to download a Chinese manual of an older version.

What I am specifically trying to find is a listing of Gcode commands.  I notice that I can use the help to show what a specific command will do, but how can I get a list of all possible commands?   I don't know the name of the command so I can't just type it in and read the help.

The main thing I want to do is manual filament color changes at specific points in the program.. it's just too difficult to catch it at the right time to do this.. because when you hit pause, there are still commands in the buffer executing.  I wish to pause at a specific point in the program, move the extruder to a certian position, and wait until I can get around to changing colors, then allow me to manually extrude until the new color shows up, then continue the print.  it would be great if I could get it to play a sound or send me an email so I don't need to babysit the machine.   As I recall repetier host had some special commands like @sound that could play a sound when that command was executed, and some way to send an email, or execute a command with a Gcode...  


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